Our public presale with an exclusive 30% bonus just started!

During this phase, only 4% of the total supply will be sold, the equivalent of 36MLN of MIMIC Tokens. The minimum contribution limit for this phase is set at 100 USD and the maximum at 90000 USD. When all MIMIC tokens allocated to this phase have been sold the presale will be immediately closed.

Already global

Remember that we do not store anything in our servers? This allows Mimic to be used all over the world without any legal restriction!

Working Product

We are launching one of the few ICOs with a working product and an established token economy. We want to be the next big thing in crypto!

Utility Token

Having a service already online, at the end of the ICO everyone will have to use our tokens to continue using Mimic and its features!

Token Economy

This is how our token will be used

Every single user of our platform will need MIMIC tokens to replicate the trading strategies of expert and professionals traders. Within the MIMIC app, a MIMIC tokens wallet will be available and a fee in MIMIC tokens will be charged for copying followed the experts’ trades.

New users will have to top up his Mimic wallet, purchasing MIMIC tokens either from the exchange platforms or from MIMIC website. Users with an empty wallet of Mimic tokens will not be able to benefit from the strategies of the expert traders, to do so users will need to purchase a certain amount of Mimic tokens, therefore there will be a continuous economic cycle and a growing demand for MIMIC tokens.

MIMIC token sale has been thought to safeguard future MIMIC users, thus we are trying to avoid whales and maximize the number of participants, as they will very likely become new users of the app.

The more participants in the token sale, the more daily active users MIMIC gets, meaning that more trades will be performed, shared and replicated.

The highest bonus available to purchase MIMIC tokens is with the currently Presale phase.
In fact you will be able to purchase tokens with 30% bonus.

Token distribution

A fair distribution.

Use of proceeds

Expand, Create, Develop.

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