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A fast, tireless and reliable trader in your pocket.

MIMIC is a professional, simple and reliable platform that enables users to take part in the financial markets by automatically copying the trading strategies of experienced traders with a proven track record. It connects to your favorite exchanges through their APIs that will be saved only on your smartphone.

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A video worth a thousand words.

It’s fast, dead simple and just works.

One app to rule them all.

Pick the best traders that fits your investment style.

You can choose between hundreds of traders, each of them will have their preferred coins, risk factors and profit history track. We will check the identity of all the traders one by one assuring the highest quality of trading professionals.

Your phone will trade like them. Needing no coffee break.

Each time a trader you follow executes a trade, your phone will ask you if you wish to perform the same trade as well, and will be able to do so thanks to the APIs stored locally on your device. In the event that Mimic servers will ever be hacked your APIs and assets will be safe as they are stored locally on your own device only.

We are already the best portfolio app.

Tired to update every time your balances in portfolio apps by setting new coins, updating amounts and dates? With Mimic you have only to put your APIs keys of the exchanges you use. You will have all your balances in one place with detailed insights for every assets you own. Everything is synced automatically at every change.

Not only trades.
ICOs reviews too.

Each trader will be able to rate upcoming and past ICOs. The best part is that each vote is weighted according to the trader’s past performances. For the first time you will be able to find the best ICOs as suggested by your trusted traders of choice with an unbiased rating system.

Currently tradable assets

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Idea, Planning, Execution.


Passion. Commitment. Strategy.

Damiano H. Rodriguez 

Damiano is a serial experienced entrepreneur. On of the Italians innovators officially recognized by the Italian Senate. Blockchain technology enthusiast.

Simona Fontana 

Simona has a background in Investment Banking and M&A Consulting, having worked at J.P. Morgan and EY. She has contributed as project manager to Friendz ICO in 2018.

Valerio Pitorri

Addicted to research and use the best solutions in every aspect of his work, Valerio is a developer with experience in DevOps environments and a blockchain technology.

Dmitry Egorov 

Lead Designer
Experienced designer, fueled by his internal drive to develop his own signature imprint. He builds powerful designs by mixing colors, illustration and motion graphics.

Daniel D'Ambrosi

Mobile Developer
Daniel is a senior mobile developer. He developed apps that thousand users are using daily and he's continuosly searching for more challenges.

Saverio Russo

Saverio is an experienced Sales and Marketing Manager. He collaborated with many different companies, such as Avrios, Adobe, Credit Suisse.

Igor Savchuk 

Illustrator | Motion Designer
He is a creative thinking designer with unique artistic vision. Always ready to work on various tasks and suggest interesting solutions.

Jerry Fanelli

Jerry, a student of Bocconi University, is directly involved with EOS Asia - one of the main 21 EOS Block Producer

Ali Adnane

Ali is a blockchain enthusiast and crypto currencies investor. Has a background in management consulting, having worked at Accenture and SAS in Milan and Stockholm.

Matteo Baiardi

Financial Management
Matteo is a graduate student in Accounting, Financial Management and Control from Bocconi University. Experience in financial analysis having worked in KPMG and Allianz.

Charlotte Rettie 

Marketing | Press Release
Charlotte has contributed to white papers and press releases for a variety of cryptocurrency Blockchain start-ups and enjoys creating engaging content.

Advisors & Investors

Great Advisors. Experience. Outstanding Results.

Michele Picozzi

Advisor - Microsoft
Michele is Global Commercial Executive at Microsoft based in Tokyo HQ handling the most important customers in the Asia region such as Fujitsu, Sony, Hitachi and Toyota.

Giorgio Pallocca

Strategic Advisor - CEO at Netlex
Giorgio is a successful entrepreneur, CEO of a multi-million euro innovation project leveraging cloud solution. Expert in server architectures.

Italo Lucarelli

Financial Advisor - Trader
Italo is an experienced trader, performing on Energy OTC derivatives markets. He has years of experience as Board Member. He graduated in Finance and International Business.

Flavio Lanternini

Blockchain Advisor
Flavio is a Blockchain developer and enthusiast with direct experience in the field. He has a passion for cutting edge technologies and one of the best knowledge in decentralization.

Marco Sala

Legal Advisor
Marco is an intellectual property legal specialist with 20 years of experience as advisor for multinational real estate, insurance and telecommunication companies.

Thomas Contin

Legal Advisor
Thomas is a lawyer with over 15 years of experience with a demonstrated track record in the field of IT, FinTech and Blockchain.

Richard Zoni

Legal Advisor
Richard is a Senior Executive for cybersecurity, cloud, blockchain and crypto companies with 15 years of experience in Management and Business Development.

Stefano Capaccioli

Law Advisor - CEO at Coinlex
Stefano is one of the greatest Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin law expert with an extraordinary experience in jurisdictions.

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